"The Book Launch is always an uplifting experience.  Perhaps more importantly, it has great value to the those who attend, especially the students.  I am not sure those of us in attendance that night will soon forget the image of the audience clapping to support and encourage a girl who had broken into tears, though most in the audience did not even know her.  A girl who lamented the loss and grief she felt for her father.  How incomplete she felt without him in her life.  I suspect there were more than a few who empathized with her, but all felt her pain and wished to support this sad child.  How wonderful!


"Back in 2008 I wrote a poem titled “You Are You,” which was included in the 2008 edition of “On My Mind.” Is there any chance that you have a copy of the 2008 version that you can send me? I cannot find my copy of the book. I would like to share it with my family and reference it on my Ph.D. application."


"We truly appreciate being included every year.  You are giving our students an opportunity of a lifetime as many of them never leave the Bronx.  I am proud of being associated with an organization that provides underprivileged students this opportunity."
"I would like to sincerely thank all the members of the Rotary for your ongoing commitment to On My Mind. A special thank you to all the members involved in putting together the book and the launch. It is always such an amazing experience both for the educators and the students."


"High school is hard enough. Living in our disadvantage area poses additional stresses, and I think this opportunity to have students share what’s going on with them is a great outlet to express themselves."


Northeast Westchester Rotary Club

Somers, Katonah, North Salem

in New York's beautiful Lower Hudson Valley


At its inception 14 years ago, this  PROJECT was NOTED IN THE NEW YORK TIMES.  At that time There were four schools who took part, two in Brooklyn and two in Somers.  For 2019 there WERE OVER 200  students from 16 schools participating --  ranging from the Bronx to upstate NY.

 They came by chartered bus, train, and car from as far away as 100 miles.

This project brings together the writings of high school students from suburban, rural  and inner-city schools. At the completion of the project, there is a book launch celebration at which all the students meet each other and discuss their writings. The New York Times called this undertaking, “A remarkable effort to bridge the void between poor and rich, urban and suburban, in a way that almost never occurs"

To order a copy of On My Mind 2019, send a check for a suggested donation of $11.50 (includes postage) to the Northeast Westchester Rotary Foundation at PO Box 561, Somers, NY 10589.